Why You Should Sell to An Investor Over A Traditional Buyer In Seattle: 3 Key Advantages

This blog post will teach you the key advantages of selling your house in Seattle to an investor versus a traditional buyer.  This post will be helpful for anyone who has thought about selling and been weighing the benefits of the various parties to whom you might consider selling.

There are several choices you can make when selling your house in Seattle.  The traditional route of working with an agent to find a buyer probably comes to mind first.  You could go the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) route.  Or you could target real estate investors, who often buy directly and quickly from owners.  Let’s go over the advantages of selling to investors.

Selling to An Investor Over A Traditional Buyer In Seattle: Key Advantage #1 — Speed

Sell your house to an investor without using agents.

Finding buyers through real estate agents is often a laborious (and not-so-enjoyable) process.  It almost always takes months at a time.  But investors take a different view of properties and can assess them and make buying decisions rapidly.  Most investors will seek quick closes and may be buying with cash, which speeds things up even more – by contrast, regular homebuyers rarely pay with cash.  All this amounts to a quicker sale to investors in almost all instances.  

An added bonus is, while you wait for a buyer to be identified, bill and tax payments are suspended, saving you a lot of cash in the meantime.  

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Selling to An Investor Over A Traditional Buyer In Seattle: Key Advantage #2 — No Repairs

Sell your house fast with no repairs.

One of the best aspects of selling to investors is they take houses as-is – this means no upgrade or fix-up costs for you to worry about.  Investors understand not every house is in perfect condition, and they don’t need it to be to rent it back out – there’s little to no emotion for investors when they buy, but more emphasis on analysis of the financial attributes of the house.

When you go the traditional route, in cases where a lot of repairs are required, you’ll end up having to employ contractors.  This is often a headache in and of itself, and notorious for delays.  While investors will discount offer prices to account for repairs, this is in exchange for the quick close you’re seeking.  

Selling to An Investor Over A Traditional Buyer In Seattle: Key Advantage #3 — No Guessing

When you deal with investors, you eliminate guesswork in regard to the offer price.  Investors will often provide a straightforward, as-is best offer, which you can accept or counter; in the case of traditional buyers represented by an agent, however, you’re most likely facing a back-and-forth negotiation fueled by the agent’s recommendations to the buyers, which can drag on for months in some cases.  

There are lots of ways to sell your house and selling to an investor may very well be the right choice for you.

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